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Environmental Scientist, AUNE Alumnus and Faculty, Michael Simpson, Hosting 'Soils Trek'

Alex Kirby (PsyD ’06)

Creating a Continuum of Care for At-Risk Teenage Boys
Dr. Alex Kirby launched a nonprofit residential recovery program in Asheville, North Carolina, for boys 14-17. Kirby’s Montford Hall is the only program east of the Rockies to provide long-term residential substance abuse treatment for teenage boys.

Thomas Doherty (PsyD '02)

Linking Personal Health to the Health of the Planet

If you ask Thomas Doherty about sustainability, you’ll get an answer that encompasses more than environmental or systems concerns. Individual health and behavior are the necessary primary considerations without which discussions of these broader issues will be incomplete.

Will Smiley (MEd '10)

A Different Kind of Learner

Not too long ago, inspired by a friend’s successful experience at Antioch University New England, Will Smiley enrolled in AUNE's Educating for Sustainability program. That decision surprised those closest to him.

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