Katie Ruef, MA '02

Department of Defense, Wright-Patt Air Force Base

"The students in my cohort stayed together the entire time, and having their wealth of experience and diverse backgrounds was very interest-adding to the whole educational experience."

Brenda L. Gaines, BA '00 and MA '04

Owner of Watchful Eye Optical LLC and Brenmar Ventures

"Be creative and learn something from every experience so that personal growth develops."

Jacki Mayer, BA '90 and MA '10

Owner of Fireball Consulting 

"At the heart of everything I do is collaborating with my clients. I want them to succeed, so they can count on me being honest, thoughtful and hopefully, throw some humor in there as well. ”

Mily Treviño-Sauceda, IMA '15

Activist and Leader of the Women Farmworkers Movement

AUM Alumna named 2016 "laureate" by the Women's World Summit Foundation

Marva Cosby, MA '96

President of Cosby Consulting Group

Room Dedicated in AU McGregor Alumna's Name at Sinclair Community College 

Azuka MuMin, MA '12

Vice President of Diversity, Inclusion and Partnerships at Columbus Center for Science and Industry

"The 'connectedness of everything,' looking at more inclusive approaches to engage people across racial and social class divisions."

Cyndi Pauwels, MA '10

English Professor at Clark State University 

"I firmly believe there's more to education than marketability. Studying the humanities makes one a better person - something society could certainly use more of."

Jessica Barry, BA ' 13

 Owner and CEO, School of Advertising Art 

"I've learned so much from both the faculty and students. They have all enriched my experience here.”

Kay Bosse, MA ’03

Self proclaimed “Steinbeckian,” AU McGregor alumna studies the work and life of John Steinbeck.

Zach Smith, MA ’08

AUM alumnus combines studies in the Organization Development field with interests in Japanese culture and story telling, sustainability and somatics.